Community Mental Health Center

VIP-CMHC is dedicated to providing mental health services to all victims of family violence and sexual assault. Incorporated into the organization are services directed at building a foundation of safety, achievement and improved access to educational opportunities. Our mission is to intervene to protect and treat all victims of violence through comprehensive mental health counseling and multiple wrap around services such as housing, transportation, English as a Second Language classes, mentoring and tutoring. The VIP assists over 5,000 families a year including children in the foster care system and ensuring their safe return to their own neighborhoods and schools.


  • Tutors: Maintain a regular tutoring schedule with child and caregiver of approximately 1 hour per week, communicate any special problems or needs to program director, and serve as an advocate for your child's educational needs including being supportive, encouraging and positive.
  • Education center volunteers: Work with children on the computer with tutorial games and homework.
  • Mentors: Must be 21 years of age and committed to being a mentor for an abused boy or girl for one year, have own transportation, proof of insurance, and California drivers license.
  • C.A.T.C. Volunteers: Read with children waiting in the foster clinic for their treatment appointment. Our REACH OUT AND READ program has helped to fund our pediatric foster clinic and we like to provide some quiet reading/playing time for the children who are in for evaluation and treatment.
QUALIFICATIONS: Over 18 years of age is preferred but students committed to helping abused children may apply. No previous experience with this group of children is required, but volunteers must be responsible, respectful, a positive role model, a good listener and must use sound judgment.