Volunteers help Hillsides provide the highest quality of care to the children and families we serve through their work in the residential program, the school, and the family center. Each volunteer brings a unique perspective and life experience to our programs. Working with severely abused young people is rewarding, yet extremely challenging. Those who wish to work with our children undergo extensive screening, orientation and training.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES In general, Hillsides' volunteer opportunities fall under six different areas:

  • Program Volunteers: Weekly volunteers form the backbone of the service program at Hillsides. Some volunteers work directly with the children, serving as tutors or librarians.
  • Special Friends: Some Hillsides children need a positive, ongoing relationship with a caring adult. A volunteer who acts as a "special friend" commits to at least one year of service, visiting his/her child at least twice a month. A consistent, caring friendship can open the door to rebuilding a child's trust and self-esteem.
  • Student Tutors: A select group of high school seniors visit the main campus for an hour each week to tutor and conduct learning activities.
  • College Interns: College students majoring in psychology, music therapy and social work may volunteer their time to fulfill course requirements for field-work.
  • Clubs and Companies: Approximately 50% of Hillsides' volunteer service hours are performed by clubs and companies by sponsoring outings for the children, organizing gift collection drives, painting and landscaping, and lending a hand at special events.
  • Support Groups: Hillsides Guild and Hillsides Volunteer Network serve as valuable support groups to the agency. Whether planning projects to improve campus life, engaging in activities with the children or fundraising, members find great satisfaction in serving children who have been hurt by abuse and neglect.