Five Acres

Five Acres is dedicated to helping children become caring and productive adults by building on their strengths and those of their families and communities. Founded as an orphanage in 1888, Five Acres has become a leader in child abuse and neglect prevention, treatment and education services in the San Gabriel Valley. Our programs include residential treatment, group homes, therapeutic education, foster care and adoptions, community based treatment, deaf services and emancipation and independent living services.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are an important and integral part of our treatment programs. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • The Five Acres Children's Guild is a caring group of "angels" who provide birthday parties, monthly activities, and other events throughout the year.
  • Classroom Assistants who work directly in the classroom assisting our teachers in our on-campus therapeutic school.
  • After School Tutors who participate in our therapeutic school’s reading program. Each tutor is assigned one child to read to or with. All materials and books are prepared in advance, so that the tutor has the time to spend with the child and develop a special relationship based on a love of reading.
  • Special Friends, like Big Brothers and Big Sisters, who develop a special one-on-one relationship with a Five Acres boy or girl.
  • Cottage Friends who develop a special relationship with boys or girls living in one of our residential cottages. A Cottage Friend works directly with the child care staff of that cottage in the development of recreational and educational activities for the children living there.
  • Company/Group Event who organize a one-day project or activity at the facility with the children. The project is yours to facilitate; Five Acres will provide the child helpers/participants and location.