Birthday Club

Imagine being six years old and having a birthday that is just like any other day: no cards, no cake, no candles, no balloons, no presents, no special treat, no outing just for you. This too often is how a foster child experiences his or her birthday. On the average, a foster child experiences three to four moves during the course of his or her stay in the foster care system.

With such constant upheaval, it isn't surprising that a child's birthday often gets lost in the shuffle.

You can help make a difference. Join the Birthday Club and provide a birthday gift and card to one of these children, ages 1 to 19. Many of the children and youth in the Birthday Club are expected to be in foster care for several years, so if you continue in the Club, you can celebrate his or her birthday each year.

If you d like, you can also send small gifts and remembrances at any of the holidays and special times of the year---or not. It s up to you.